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About our Club Fitter


Dan Burnfield is a licensed professional engineer and a professional health physicist. He is a retired naval officer and an avid golfer.  He has been building and repairing his own clubs for years and now he is transitioning his love for golf and science into a passion to help you improve your score from tee to green.   He has been certified by Golfworks through the Maltby Clubmaking Academy Fitting, Assembly & Repair course and the Golfsmith Complete Clubmaker Training and Advanced Clubmaker Training School.  He has been certified through True Temper, Graphalloy, and KBS shafts.  

Dan uses the Tom Wishon philosophy of “Common Sense Clubfitting” and works primarily with TWGT components.  

He is an active member of the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals – (AGCP) and The International Clubmakers Guild – (ICG).  

Dan works in the greater Central Savannah River Area and is proud to make the Mecca of Modern Golf (Augusta Georgia) his home.  

About Our Shop

The Most Modern Shop in the CSRA

  We are pleased to announce that we have the finest equipment possible and we are trained to us the equipment to its maximum advantage. Some of the equipment currently in our shop includes:  

  • A Maltby frequency analyzer,
  • An Auditor Moment of Inertia Analyzer
  • A precision loft and lie measurement gage
  • A precision Loft and lie bending machine
  • Regripping station
  • Club head pulling station
  • Earnest Launch Monitor  
  • Blast swing analyzer  
  • A spine finder and laser for shaft flat line oscillation testing 

About Our Suppliers

We are proud to use components from:

Tom Wishon Golf Technology 

Alpha Golf

Air Force One Golf

Golf Pride


Super Stroke

Virtually any shaft on the planet.  

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We are active members of the

 Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals 

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We participate in the

Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals.

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