Together We Improve Your Score

Analysis of Club Set Makeup

  The most important element in club fitting and the most overlooked is determining your club set makeup. While most of us choose to carry more than 14 clubs, when we play in a tournament we are restricted to the legal limit, so why not try to live within this rule. After all it can be fun to choose the clubs we will use based upon the conditions we expect when we get to the course.  


 The typical golfer carries a driver, a three wood and a five wood.  Many golfers who do not like the feel or cannot seem to get the hang of a long iron or hybrid are moving to the seven wood as a replacement for the 3/4 and a nine wood as a replacement for the 5 iron.  

Irons and Hybrids

 With the length of today's clubs and the reduced lofts, many golfers can no longer hit a three or four iron and this extends to the five iron for many golfers.  We work together with you to determine the best irons/hybrids for you to carry in your bag. 



Virtually everyone has a gap in distance between their pitching wedge and their sand wedge.  We can add an approach wedge to fill this gap.  

We can also add a lob wedge to help you get up and down from those difficult lies around the green.