We offer the finest technology for custom golf club fitting that will produce the best possible results. The following are the most common golf club fitting questions and answers.

What Is Club Fitting?

During a club fitting I measure your swing and match a set of clubs perfectly to that swing. During a club fitting we hit balls on the range, and I measure your swing speed tempo time and take high speed photographs. We decide on the best head design and I measure shaft characteristics to arrive at the correct length of the club, the correct flex profile and the grip size. A club fitting is very similar to tailoring a suit. It cannot be done online it has to be done in person. It typically takes 1,5 hours for irons or woods, and 1 hour for the putter.

Is Club Fitting Only For Good Golfers?

Many golfers believe only good players need custom fitting. You know, Touring Pros, Club Champions, and so forth. Not true. My experience is that the worse you play, up to a point, the more you benefit. If the average results of quality fitting customers improve their handicap by 10% from custom fitting, the higher your handicap the more you can improve.

Why Are We Brand Agnostic?

OEM clubs provide an average golfer with the do not provide the best performance. I have a few heads and you can test them yourself against the brands I typically order. I have no inventory, so I am not trying to push product out the door and I have no agreements that require me to sell a specific number of clubs or shafts per year. I sell you the clubs that fit and nothing more.

What Is the Fitting Process?

The process includes hitting your current clubs and using a launch monitor and other technology to track and store data. After evaluating your swing, I select one or two of the numerous club heads I have and allow you to hit them with several representative shafts. From this data I then use a computer program to select the optimum shaft for the selected club head. Additional weight may be added or removed to allow you to have optimum performance.

What Is the Cost?

Once the fitting is paid for the clubs cost just a little more than a select set of clubs from a big box store. Because of the intense labor required to build a set of clubs so that they assist you in the improvement of your score from tee to green, there are no cheap clubs from a true custom club fitter. The bargain is realized once you know that you have the clubs that will last you until you wear them out.

Why am I different?

While golf clubs are truly not a high technology piece of equipment, the equipment needed to build a custom set of golf clubs is definitely high technology. I use computer technology to build the clubs, I have several pieces of computer-based equipment, such as frequency meters, shaft profiling tools, and moment of inertia gauges. In addition, I am certified in club fitting and club building by several different equipment manufacturers as well as Golfsmith and Golfworks. In addition, I am certified as an associate golf teacher and golf coach including a certification in golf psychology.