Custom Club Fitting

Together We Improve Your Score from Tee to Green

At Augusta Custom Clubs we perform your custom club fitting based on your size, strength, athletic ability, and swing characteristics. If you choose a set of custom golf clubs, we will custom build all 14 of your clubs from scratch to fit you. A golf club should be as personal as your shoes. Every golfer is different; their clubs should be too. We also can provide advice on your golf equipment from your set makeup to your balls.


From the putter to the driver every club in your bag will serve you better if it is custom fit.


Just Remember for each club we are trying to optimize direction, distance, consistency, and feel. We are your one stop shop for custom club fitting in Augusta.


What if all your clubs felt the same as your favorite club?

When we match the moment of inertia of your favorite club in your bag, we make them all feel like that club. You gain more confidence with your mid-irons and may even start to hit your long irons. This is a must have for the discerning golfer and a very important improvement for the duffer.

Fitting Your Driver

Let’s begin by saying that most PGA tour professionals use drivers with 10 degrees or more of loft that are 44 – 44.5 degrees in length. Most drivers sold in the sporting good stores or online are advertised at 10 degrees or less and are 45 to 46 inches in length. The next time you drive your $5 ball into the woods or worse remember it could be your equipment and not your swing. Ricky Fowler and Jason Day would not play with clubs bought from the sporting goods stores and neither should you. If you bought your driver from the retailers, you were probably sold a club that was marked as a regular or stiff flex, and maybe even stiff or extra stiff. In reality those terms are never defined, and are not standard across shaft manufactures. Many shafts that are marked as regular flex or stiff flex when in reality they measure as something else. When we measure all of your variables in your swing and physical performance we will ensure you that you will have a club that you can hit as far as possible and as straight as possible. This means we will consider the correct lie and face angle, length, club moment of inertia and shaft flex as well as the other factors that could affect your swing including vertical roll and horizontal bulge.

Fitting Your Fairway Woods

The first step to consider when you buy your fairway woods is set make up. Do you chose a three wood with a low loft or a high lofted five wood as your second longest club? Do you choose to carry long irons or hybrids or maybe a 7 or 9 wood. Do they match the driver in flex, length progression or moment of inertia.



We will make sure that you have the fairway woods in your bag that fit you and not your next door neighbor or the PGA pro at the internet site.

Fitting Your Irons and Hybrids

When fitting your irons the first thing we do is determine the correct length to match you stature, swing speed, tempo, and physical ability.

Ladies and seniors, the length of your irons are not predetermined to be shorter than a young man. Don’t believe what the internet or sporting goods stores tell you. Then we will fit you for the correct lie angle based upon a dynamic measurement not the way the clubs look at address.



We will check the loft angle ensure they match the manufactures specifications. Then we will select the shaft that best matches you. As we build the clubs we will ensure that the clubs are frequency and moment of inertia matched and that you have the grips that you most desire.

Fitting Your Wedges

The wedges are scoring clubs, many golfers will find that only their putters are used more than their wedges. If you desire to improve your score you must have a good set of wedges that are fitted for your capabilities and the courses you play.



Most of us will carry at least a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. In the last 20 years the gap wedge or approach wedge has become much more popular. The gap wedge has become necessary since the loft of the pitching wedge has become steeper and steeper along with the rest of the irons while the loft of the sand wedge has remained constant. The lob wedge has been added to the bags of many golfers. When Deciding on the makeup of your bag, you need to consider the wedges you choose to play.



Wedges have some key play-ability characteristics: sole “bounce”, sole “width”, sole “radius”, and sole “grind”. The right wedge choices can significantly improve your short game. Bounce on wedges is your friend! You may not be playing with wedges that have enough bounce for the general conditions of the course(s) you play. The primary factors that need to be factored into your wedge design are the loft, lie angle, sole design including bounce angle, and moment of inertia.

Fitting Your Putter

The putter can be the most important club in your bag. You will use it more than any other club. We fitt your putter based upon length, design, your putting capabilities and the feel of the club.



Most players pick a club off the rack and then ask if it can be adjusted. We are happy to do that to help you lower your score.



Other players ask us to help with the selection of putters.