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"It's Craziness to go out there without being fit!"

Michael Breed from the Golf Channel    

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  We can repair your favorite club as well as build you a custom new set. Dan uses his in depth knowledge to  tune up your clubs with precise adjustments to loft, lie and length. Let's work together to bring those clubs to the  specifications you desire. Shafts often have remnants from the manufacturing process that can affect the playability of the club unless they are installed correctly. In general, most OEM and big box store technicians do not take the time to make sure the shafts are correctly installed.  This will cause the club to bend in ways you never intended.  To correct this Dan will make sure that your shafts are spined and then tested for those nasty oscillations that affect the playability.  He will make sure the clubs have been installed to ensure flat line oscillations are all that you see from your clubs.     


The most important element in club fitting and the most overlooked is determining your club set makeup.

While most of us choose to carry more than 14 clubs, when we play in a tournament we are restricted to the legal limit, so why not try to live within this rule after all it can be fun to choose the clubs we will use based up the conditions we expect when we get to the course.


As always we offer a 10% discount on labor to active duty military.  

In support of our first responders we now provide a 10% discount on labor. 

We are now fitting at Wedges and Woods

 We are now fitting at Wedges and Woods. Wedges and Woods is the premier practice facility as well as home to modern teaching center.  

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