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Make Golf More Fun

 At Augusta Custom Clubs we partner with you to Improve Your Score from Tee to Green.  Thus making your walk with nature a more enjoyable day. Even your wife will thank you for being custom fit. (OK maybe that one is a stretch!)  

But  Don't buy golf equipment without a fitting. You are wasting your money!  

Together we can help you

  Achieve your goals. Whether they are to: · 

  • Hit Longer Tee Shots 
  • Hit Longer Iron Shots
  • Obtain More Accuracy
  • Obtain More Consistency
  • Achieve Better Trajectory
  • Hit More Puts
  • Acquire Better Feel  

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We are the only shop in the area using the highest technology equipment available to select the highest quality components and assemble them in a manner that optimizes your game.     


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What is professional clubfitting?